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Your Superheros in Fine Art Prints

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Sideshow is well known for its quality 3D statues, figurines, dioramas and collectibles, and now its fine art print program. Working with highly talented, acclaimed artists Sideshow can bring its 3D world into beautiful 2D prints from Marvel, DC Comics, Star Wars™ and more. Using state-of-the-art archival materials, custom framed presentations, with offerings like canvas, wood, and HD aluminium metal.




Here is an inside look at the Sideshow's Fine Art Prints

Here are MovieRepliCars Top 5 Prints

Sideshow Spider-Man vs Green Goblin Fine Art Prints

Spider-Man vs Green Goblin

by Derrick Chew

Captain America: Civil War (Part II) Sideshow Fine art Print

Captain America: Civil War (Part II)

by Ryan Meinerding

Hunter and Prey

Hunter and Prey

Knight Reign Sideshow Fine Art Print

Knight Reign

by Bill Sienkiewicz

Pennywise: Truth or Dare

by Marco Mastrazzo




Click here to meet the acclaimed artists producing amazing designs.


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