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Collector Series: Limited Edition Hot Wheels "Battle Damaged Batmobile"

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Only 10,000 were produced by Hot Wheels

Battle Damaged Batmobile
Battle Damaged Batmobile

The Michael Keaton batmobile I consider this to be one of the best Batmobiles around. This is of my favourite models in my collection. I remember purchasing this for $110AUD back in 2006. In 2020 the asking price is over $200USD on eBay.

Model Details

  • Brand Hot Wheels

  • Produced in 2004

  • Limited edition 10,000 produced

  • Item Number G3665

  • Scale 1:18

  • Feature bullet scuff marks

If you like to purchase one of these beautiful Batmobiles, I highly recommend searching eBay for the best bargain - click here

Check out the gallery below


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