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LEGO Gifts for the Special Person in your life this Valentine's Day

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

Every year, LEGO will release a beautiful Valentine's Day, and this year is no different. Here is your Valentine's Day gift guide for someone special in your life. Build the sets together or gifted it completed to that special person.

Please note this is not an official guide from LEGO.




Valentine Lovebirds

This adorable 298 piece lovebirds set sit on a branch decorated with pink hearts and flowers, while the big red heart symbolises their love.


Dried Flower Centerpiece

Make this beautiful centre piece for your dinner table.


Flower Bouquet

A beautiful bouquet of flowers don't need watering and last for ever.


Heart Ornament

Not only suited for Valentine's Day. Once built and customised, the heart can decorate a home or office for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, or at any time.



This true-to-life model has 5 leaves at the base and 2 wandering air roots to create an authentic display.





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