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Green Goblin Fan Art Behind the Scene

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Welcome to a world where imagination meets reality—the realm of Spider-Man's iconic adversaries, the Green Goblin and Harry Osborn! 🕷️✨ Prepare to be captivated as I take you behind the scenes of my fan art creation. In this exciting showcase, we unravel the artistry and craft that breathe life into these legendary characters, offering you a unique insight into the artistic process.




The Equipment and Set Up

I brought this vision to life with the simplest of tools and a dash of imagination. No fancy gadgets or extravagant equipment—just the basics and a lot of creativity!

Green Goblin Fan Art Tools Used
Green Goblin Fan Art Tools Used

In my tool kit were two cherished figurines from my collection, a handful of BBQ skewers, wires, and a quaint cityscape cutout serving as the backdrop canvas.

Behind the lens was my trusty Canon 5D Mark III, partnered with a 100mm macro lens, allowing me to dive deep into the details of these characters, capturing their essence up close and personal.

For lighting, I relied on the humble desk lamps, casting the perfect glow to illuminate the scene and bring out the vibrancy of the figurines.

Green Goblin Fan Art Before
Green Goblin Fan Art Before

Carefully, I maneuvered the wire, wrapping it around the figurines, while the skewers played their part, expertly propping them up against the charming cityscape backdrop. It was all about finding the right balance and bringing this imaginative display to life delightfully and whimsically.





With a trove of raw images, I shifted my focus to Adobe Photoshop. This is where the real magic happened! Using the software's powerful features, I was able to create dramatic images. By adding darker tones and smoke for the atmosphere.

In the upcoming video, you'll get an exclusive look at behind-the-scenes footage as well as the finished images in all their glory.


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