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11 Pop Culture Documentaries to Binge Watch Part III

We got your bing watching covered with the latest list of Pop Culture Documentaries. Don't for get to check out Culture Documentaries to Binge-Watch and Culture Documentaries to Binge-Watch III. At the time this article was written the following documentaries/reality shows were available to watch in Australia.

This list includes shows from Disney+, Stan, Netflix and YouTube. Documentaries on music, art, TV shows and more





Light & Magic (2022)

LIGHT & MAGIC is a six-part series that tells the story of Industrial Light & Magic, the special effects company George Lucas founded to make Star Wars. Through personal interviews and never-before-seen footage, director Lawrence Kasdan lifts the curtain on ILM's most iconic effects while delving into the fascinating backgrounds of the artists and innovators who create them story. When George Lucas started making Star Wars, he discovered that no special effects company in Hollywood could bring his ambitious "space dogfighting" vision to life. Website

Under the Helmet (2021)

A special celebrating the origins and legacy of Star Wars' legendary bounty hunter, Boba Fett. Website



Basketball - A love Story (2018)

The biggest names in basketball are featured in this series, exploring the love of basketball through 165 exclusive interviews. Over 60 interconnected short stories form a vivid mosaic of the basketball world. Website




My Life as Rolling Stone (2022)

The story of one of the biggest bands in the world told through the musical lens of each member. Delving into each their personalities memories from the past 60 years. Website

Rolling Stones Stories from the Edge (2017)

Tells the story of the most iconic music, political and pop culture magazines from the last 50 years. Rolling stone magazine was a it own cultural force. Website



Blood Brothers - Malcom X & Muhammad Ali (2021)

Two iconic figures meet by chance only to have a tragic fallout few years later. Website

UNTOLD The rise and Fall of AND1 (2022)

Story of how AND1 took street ball to the masses only fall from grace. Taking on mighty giant Nike only to later end. Website

LA Originals (2020)

Photographer Estevan Oriol and artist Mister Cartoon, two Chicano buddies build an empire from impacting street art, hip hop, street culture and more. Website





Watch the entire documentaries here

The 2010s: A Documentary (2020)

Taking a look at the decade of music, movies with super heroes taking over the box office and pop culture in general.

How Japan's Pop Culture Conquered the World | Hobby Insider (2020)

Japan's pop culture uber-geek and author Matt Alt discusses his work with Bandai, and talk Gundam and other giant robots, Pokemon, anime in general, how Japanese toys saved the country after WWII.

Pop Art in 7 Minutes: True Art or Mass Market?

Taking a look at how pop culture has influenced pop art since the 1960s.

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