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Pop Culture Documentaries to Binge-Watch Part II

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

For all pop culture geeks, we got your binge-watching covered with our updated list of Pop Culture Documentaries. For the previous list check out Culture Documentaries to Binge-Watch. At the time this article was written the following documentaries/reality shows were available to watch in Australia.

This list includes shows from Disney+, Paramount+, Prime Video, Netflix and YouTube. Features documentaries on collectibles, music, video games and history.


Movie prop collector Dan Lanigan reunites iconic Disney movie props with the filmmakers, actors, and crew who created and used them in some of Disney’s most beloved films. Throughout this journey, Dan will recover lost artifacts, visit private collections, and help restore pieces from the Walt Disney Archives to their original glory




On Prime Video

Comic Book Men follows the antics of master fanboy Kevin Smith's New Jersey comic shop in and around, with staff and customers alike enjoying pop culture artifacts and the legends behind them.

Easy to Learn, Hard to Master: The Fate of Atari tells the turbulent story of the company that taught the world how to game

Over 2600 Atari game cartridges of "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial" was tossed into a landfill in the 1980s.

Follow collector Jay Bartlett across North America as he attempts to build the ultimate action figure auction in the name of charity!

This award-winning documentary joins Pinball fans, collectors, designers and champion players from across the globe who share the story of a phenomenon that once swept the world.


On Paramount+

We need to talk about Cosby

Exploring Bill Cosby’s descent from “America’s Dad” to an alleged sexual predator. Comedians, journalists and Cosby survivors have a candid, first of its kind conversation about the man, his career and his crimes.





Uncover the real stories behind your favorite pop songs as this docuseries charts the impact of the festival scene, Auto-Tune, boy bands and more.

With Infographics and archival footage History 101 delivers bite-size history lessons on scientific breakthroughs, social movements and world-changing discoveries.


On YouTube

How Geek Culture Became Pop Culture: Full Documentary (2019)

This documentary explores geek culture and how it has exploded into the mainstream, creating today’s biggest blockbuster franchises. This is the origin story of how downtrodden misfits became the creators and consumers of mainstream culture.

A Toy Store Near You

This series follows a group of independently-owned toy stores, each one as unique & endearing as the people that own them. This community has been disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic as store owners are finding new ways to keep their businesses running. Whether you're an avid collector or a toy store novice, these stories are universally powerful, sometimes heartbreaking, & always fun. Watch the full episodes on YouTube for free.

Currently working on part III we would love to add your favourite documentaries to the next list.



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