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Collector Series: The A-Team Muddy Van

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

From one of the Best 80's TV Shows- The A-Team

The A-Team Muddy Van
The A-Team Muddy Van

I was only 7 when the A-Team premiered in1983. But not till about 2006 I finish watching the entire 5 seasons on video, yes on VHS. When I was young I did manage to watch a few episodes and loved the sleek black Van, with the red stripe along the side.

To buy your own A-Team Van check out Entertainment Earth for the latest releases or eBay for the best bargain and hard to find A-Team Collectibles.

The The1:43 model from Hot Wheels is one of the other A-team collectibles in my collection. Along with this Rare Collectible from Argentina.

Very Rare A-Team Van Collectible from Argentina

A-Team Van from Hot Wheels Model Details

  • Brand Hot Wheels

  • Produced in 2011

  • Item Number BCT88

  • Scale 1:43

  • Feature mud stains

Check out the gallery below

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