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Introducing the MRC Database of Movie, Video games and TV replicars produced

Introducing the "MRC Database" a website featuring images and basic info of vehicle-based replicars (play-on-word - replicas) or collectibles produced for Movies, Video games and TV titles. The database will feature some well-known and not-so-well-known titles and you will be surprised by some of the replicars that were produced for these titles.

The database will be constantly updated on regular basis and we invite you to contribute as well. All the Movies, Video games and TV titles will be listed (left-hand side) on the website for easy navigation.




Keep an eye out on the MovieRepliCars' Facebook page for updates.

Note the database will only list vehicle-based collectibles and not other types of collectibles such as action figures, plush toys, etc.

This is what the website looks like below, with the Movie and TV titles listed on the left-hand side.

MRC Database
MRC Database
MRC Database Website

The search at the top of the website will allow you to search by Title or manufacturer.

Here are some of the titles currently listed on the site.

Currently, we are working on the smaller titles. The bigger titles such as Star Wars, Batman, James Bond and Fast and Furious replicars will take time to gather information and be added to the database.




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