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Grandma Builds Gundam Models to Bond With Her Grandchildren

70-year-old Japanese grandma started building Gundam models as a way to spend time with her grandchildren. It has now become a passion for the grandma and she shares her amazing builds on YouTube.




70-year-old Tae-chan made her Twitter debut in April 2022 with a picture with the first Gundam or Gunpla kit she received as a gift from her grandson. Then went to documenting her builds, with the second Twit receiving over 39K likes.

Gunpla or Gunpla are model kits depicting vehicles and characters from Bandai's fictional Gundam multiverse. These kits became popular among mecha anime fans and model lovers in Japan and surrounding Asian countries since the 1980s.

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This grandma has some serious talent and patience in building these complex kits even with bad eyesight and trembling hands from illness. Some kits can take her days to complete. In the videos, you can see her concentration and in some enjoyment with her grandson building Gundam.

You can follow Tae-chan on her social;

It goes to show it's never too late to start something new.




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